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Do I have to be there at collection and delivery?
Do I have to be there at collection and delivery?

Arranging pick-up and drop-off.

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We recommend that the vehicle owner is present to hand the keys to our Fixter Driver and receive the vehicle after it's been worked on. This is so you can be present for the meticulous checks that our drivers perform at collection and delivery.

However, we also want to make accessing car maintenance as easy as possible, so feel free to designate someone else to take your place if it helps you get on with your day.

Each Fixter booking has a unique security code associated with it that our driver must quote when collecting your vehicle - and that you must quote in order to receive your car back. It's similar to the system Deliveroo use to ensure they don't deliver food to the wrong person.

So, if you want to assign a friend to take your place, just make sure they have the unique security code and are available at the designated collection and delivery times. 

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