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What happens if my car fails its MOT?
What happens if my car fails its MOT?

We'll give you clear guidance on what needs to be remedied for your car to pass its MOT

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What happens if I fail my MOT?
We're here to make sure your car remains roadworthy.

If your car fails its MOT (it's happened to all of us at some point!), one of our in-house mechanics will call you straight away to explain why. They'll also tell you what needs to be done so your car passes. It's not the news you wanted to hear, but since we've already negotiated the best possible price on your behalf, you'll receive an upfront, competitive quote for the additional work. As always, you'll have the final say before any additional work is carried out, and will never be charged for any unauthorised operations.

If you decide to proceed with the recommended work, it's likely you won't receive your car back at the originally scheduled time slot. This will all be explained when speaking with the in-house mechanic handling your car.

Please be advised that declining remedial work on a failed MOT means your car can no longer be handled by one of our drivers, as it's not considered roadworthy. You'll need to work with Green Flag, the AA, or a similar recovery service to retrieve your car.

We'd also like to make it clear that driving a car flagged with dangerous defects means you're liable to a £2,500 fine, driving ban, and license points if stopped by the police. Your vehicle will be automatically recorded in the UK's digital vehicle database if it fails it MOT test.

In some cases your vehicle can have a partial retest for free or a reduced MOT fee. Full details are on the Government website here.

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