We’ve put together some super simple yet effective steps to ensure both you, our drivers and our garages are staying safe against COVID-19. These steps are based on government and NHS guidelines. 

Please follow these steps prior to our driver collecting your vehicle:

  1. Grab some disposable gloves and some antibacterial wipes if you have some. Alternatively, you can spray some antibacterial spray onto a clean kitchen tissue.

  2. Using the wipes, start by wiping down the door handles, gear stick, steering wheel, dashboard, keys and indicator stick (or any other high-touch areas). Finish by closing the door with the wipe. 

  3. Our drivers are equipped to wipe down the vehicle upon delivery, however, you may wish to repeat the process just to be safe. 

  4. Remember, we are mainly paperless so you will not need to handle any invoice paperwork. You may, however, receive your service sheet/MOT certificate back with the vehicle. We would always recommend using hand sanitiser where available.  

  5. We are also now contactless so you will not need to sign anything upon delivery of your vehicle. Our driver will handle this for you. 

More information on how to clean your vehicle can be found here: 


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